Professional tuition in maths, physics & chemistry

We are an educational support service providing professional private tutoring in all levels of school and university mathematics, physics and chemistry. All ages including mature age students tutored.

Individual tuition or tutorial workshops are available at our tuition centre for all stages of science and mathematics learning. Maths tutoring includes primary & secondary maths, Maths Applications, Specialist Maths & Math Methods. Science tutoring includes A level and WACE Chemistry and Physics. University tutoring is also available.

Perth Academy of Science

A maths and science tutor can help students and families with​

  • Higher student grades

  • Reduce student anxiety

  • Ease household stress 

  • Career / subject guidance

  • Inspiration in science and studies

  • Provide improved understanding 

  • Student study organisation 



Gain understanding

Professional private tuition in school and university maths, physics and

chemistry is offered at our tutoring centre in Maylands by a very experienced tutor.



Building a solid foundation

Tuition is available for primary school kids in maths and science. For students to be successful in maths it is vital that a solid foundation be established in primary school.



Mathematics tutor

Maths tutoring from elementary level to advanced is available by a very patient, experienced professional tutor. Subjects include Maths Applications, Math Methods & Maths Specialist.



Personalised learning

At our tutoring centre we recognise everyone learns in different ways and has varying educational needs. We therefore tailor lessons to each student's individual requirements.



Improve high school grades

Tutoring for high school is provided in all areas of maths, physics and chemistry.  We are ATAR specialists with 30 years experience helping students with their WACE exams.



Tutoring in Physics

Perth Academy of Science tuition centre in Maylands provides tutoring for high school physics students including ATAR. Higher level physics for university students is also tutored.



Improve test scores

Tutoring is available for preparation of school maths, physics & chemistry exams. We are WACE specialists with 30 years experience assisting students with their school exams.



Help with university units

University preparation is available for students transitioning to tertiary studies. Tutoring is also available for some university level maths, physics & chemistry units.



Tuition in Chemistry

Professional, private tuition is available for high school chemistry and ATAR. Also chemistry tuition is offered for university students at our Maylands tutoring centre.