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Covid-19 Hygiene Guidelines


Wash hands upon first entering tuition centre

  • Wash your hands in the toilet sink before entering tuition centre, or

  • wash hands in kitchen sink, or

  • Use sanitiser


Bring your own writing implements, etc. to lessons if you can

  • Minimising contact with commonly touched items such as pens, pencils, etc., reduces risk of contamination to hands.


Avoid touching door handles

  • Please leave Tuition Centre door ajar when exiting. If possible use your elbow or foot to open.


Follow health authority guidelines

  • Wash hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds

  • Use paper towel to turn off tap when finished

  • Use another paper towel to open toilet door upon exit


Avoid touching your face

  • Try to break the habit of touching the face.

  • Use a tissue or sleeve to rub your face if it feels itchy.

  • If you need to sneeze or cough do so into your sleeve or tissue.

  • Dispose of tissues into the bin when finished with.


Do not come for tuition if feeling unwell

  • If yourself or a household member develop flu-like symptoms then do not attend tuition.

  • If a student develops flu-like symptoms 24 hour after a tutorial the tutor must be informed as soon as possible.

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