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Frequently asked questions

How do the tutorials work?

School students would normally do tutorial workshops. These consist of several students sitting in separate areas studying topics of their own choosing, or with the guidance of the tutor. Our tutor will spend time with each student going through questions or topics they may be having difficulty with. Tutorials are tailored to meet individual student's needs. One-to-one tutoring is an option for university students.

What can I get help with?

Students may wish to get help with homework, revise for tests or go over a topic from school that they may not of understood. Some students may wish to work ahead of their school class and so may ask the tutor to go over the relevant material. The tutor is able to assist with all levels of maths, physics or chemistry.

Are you available during school holidays?

Tuition is normally available during school holidays, however we do break for the Christmas/New Years period for 2 weeks. Tutorials are not available on public holidays. Tuition is not mandatory during the holiday periods but students may continue to attend tutorials should they so wish.

Do you offer at home tuition?

Tuition is only available at the tutoring centre in Maylands. The tuition centre has various resources that are incorporated into lessons. Students are able to study and receive tuition in a quiet, focussed environment with a minimal of distractions.

What are the fees?

Tutorial Workshops: 2 hours: $90 1.5 hours: $75 One-to-one: $85/hr Fees include GST.

How are tuition fees paid?

Fees are payable in advance in blocks of 5 lessons. Invoices are emailed out to parents at the beginning of each 5 lesson block. Fees may be paid via direct deposit, PayPal, MOTO, BitcoinSV or at the next tutorial by cash or card. A 10% discount available for paying fees in blocks of 10 tutorials. Siblings receive 10% discount. Cryptocurrency such as bitcoin is also accepted. 25% discount offered.

What is the minimum number of tutorials to work with a tutor?

Most students would attend tuition each week throughout the academic year, however, some students may only need the assistance of a tutor for a relatively short period of time. However, we do require a minimum of 5 tutorials be booked.

What is the minimum age for tutoring?

We would recommend the youngest age for students to begin tutoring is year 3. However, we do take students from year 1.

What are the tutorial times?

Tutorial workshops for school students are available Monday - Thursday 4 PM & 6 PM, Fridays 4 PM, Saturdays 1 PM, 3 PM. One-to-one tutorials for mature age students are available weekday mornings or after lunch times.